Call for a Line


Nominated proposal for “call for a line”, Vajont dam, Pordenone, Italy
In collaboration with Moradavaga.

The vagueness of a line as the vagueness of a permanent, apparently unremovable object, the vajont dam, which is blocked in between two mountains (the monte salta and the monte toc) and our minds. 52 years after the tragedy even nature still refuses the reconquest of the concrete dystopia and keeps the dam in an uncertainly waiting status as a metaphor for human audacity, madness and finally failure.
in the historic context of the construction of the dam, the lines (construction height and reachable water levels in the tests) were changed several times, even in 1963, like a progressively search for the summit of an imaginary mountain, to put the cross on top of it. the last line which the water level marked was approximately 20 meters under the edge; then, it was already too late to bring it back down in any way.

The proposal takes the last, highest reached line of the water level and transforms it in a daily, fluently changing mark of fluorescent paint, which accumulates in an almost invisible way its strength with the help of the sunlight during daytime. then, while the day slowly fades out, the line begins to gently reach its peak of visibility within the first hours of darkness. after that, the line will slowly fade out again. a movement, which day by day is repetitive and constant, like time passes away, but, with the passing of the seasons, subtly changes as well, like our stories and our dreams, the ones we had and the ones will have.